Two days in which new trends were exchanged, new applications were discussed and networking took place

We hosted our 5th Lufthansa Group Data Community Day, to which Xavier Lagardere invited over 200 data experts from the Lufthansa Group to discuss current data initiatives and trends.

The days were fully packed. We had very inspiring keynotes on "Responsible AI" by David Stephenson, Ph.D. and "What champions do differently: How we change our own mindset" by Dr. Josef Frischeisen.

In the 28 workshop sessions, our colleagues exchanged ideas on topics such as hashtag#GreenCoding, hashtag#GenAI, Data Strategy, Data Governance & Literacy but also on Business Skills for Analytics Professionals. In addition, many cool use cases were presented, such as Food Waste, Crew Training, CityAI, AI Ground Ops, Route Profitability and Air Traffic Optimizer.

In her workshop "Divide and Conquer: Best Practices For Successful Large Language Model Usage", Marie-Suzanne Sarre (Data Scientist at Swiss International Air Lines) concluded that in order to achieve accurate and valuable prompt results, it’s improtant to formulate a clear and specific prompt and refine it iteratively. It's also important to give context, assign a persona to the prompt, use common language and not jargon, and give examples of what you expect. For example, if your prompt is supposed to say something about the weather, you can phrase the prompt as follows: "You are a weather expert".

Dr. Alexander Motzek (Principal Data Scientist at zeroG - AI in Aviation) summarized the event with the words: "The diversity of the Lufthansa Group is one of our most important assets, the exchange of AI is inspiring and creates synergies in every conversation."