Previously, the amenity kits were added to the regular waste stream. With the new process, which has been in place since February 2023, the SWISS amenity kits from arriving flights are collected separately by the cleaning service provider.

  • Unused and still sealed amenity kits are returned to the regular cycle and reloaded on board.
  • Used amenity kits are sent for recycling. The amenity kits from SWISS First are sent to a facility for the disabled, where they are cleaned, refilled and then reloaded on board. Until now, discarded textiles also had to be disposed of with the normal waste. Now there is a process with partner TEXAID whereby the defective items are collected by the catering service at the end of their life cycle and handed over to TEXAID. The goods are then sorted to determine whether they can be recycled or downcycled. In the case of recycling, the original fibers (e.g. cotton) are recovered and reused; in the case of downcycling, the material is converted into a material for second use, e.g. cleaning cloths or insulation material.

5.8 tons of aluminium

 4.3 tons of textiles

200 kg of cardboard

27,000 amenities are returned to the normal cycle

Thanks to these new recycling processes, 5.8 tons of aluminium, 4.3 tons of textiles and 200 kg of cardboard can be recycled every year. In addition, 27,000 amenities are returned to the normal cycle. This is an important step towards a circular economy and waste reduction with the possibility of extending this process to other areas.