About LINE 

LINE is not just your ordinary messaging app; it's a dynamic platform that offers free voice, video, and chat communication services transcending borders and carriers. Boasting a staggering 89 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), which represents approximately 70% of Japan's population, LINE has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of digital communication. Originally conceived as a mobile messaging solution, LINE has metamorphosed into what can only be described as a "super app," integrating AI technology, Fintech solutions, and much more into its ecosystem. 

The overarching vision of LINE is to become the quintessential "life infrastructure" for its users, tirelessly catering to their needs 24/7, 365 days a year. Transitioning from a mere messenger app to a comprehensive smart portal, LINE endeavors to seamlessly merge online and offline realms, enriching user experiences through personalized connections with people, information, and services. 

Lufthansa LINE Project  

The Lufthansa - Line Project embarks on its inaugural phase with the launch of the Lufthansa Official Line Account in Japan in April 2024, aiming to streamline communication and enhance travel convenience for users. Emphasizing local language support across all customer touchpoints, the project sets out to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Elevate brand visibility and establish a robust online presence. 
  • Enable data ownership for personalized customer interactions. 
  • Implement targeted communication strategies through digital segmentation. 
  • Drive sales and ancillary revenue by leveraging LINE's extended service offerings. 
  • Explore additional avenues for customer service and digital innovation. 

Beyond mere marketing endeavors, the Lufthansa LINE Project promises synergistic benefits across branding, sales, and customer service domains, with a focus on expanding digital engagement and enriching the travel experience for customers. 

The next phase of the project will witness the commercialization of the LINE platform, leveraging features such as "Direct Messaging" and "Rich Menu" to disseminate price offers and maximize digital sales. By exploring LINE's diverse service portfolio, potentially including future collaborations with Line Shopping and AI Chatbot based booking, Lufthansa aims to explore the full potential of the digital retail ecosystem.  

Our collaboration with LINE signals a promising future for digital retailing and commerce. By leveraging LINE's versatile platform and advanced functionalities, we're reimagining how brands connect with customers and conduct business online. Together, we're exploring practical avenues for personalized engagement, smooth transactions, and enhanced customer experiences. As we move forward, we're excited about the tangible impact our partnership will have on reshaping the digital retail landscape. 

This initiative underscores our dedication to amplifying local digital talent and expertise through our APAC Digital Booster Project, with support from Lufthansa Innovation Hub Asia. By tapping into the skills of regional digital innovators, the Digital Booster team cultivates stronger connections with our customers in the APAC region.