Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) and the Lufthansa Group Airlines have launched and implemented multiple Extended Reality (XR) training projects, serving 20,000 trainees per year to date. VR aircraft security search helps avoiding real aircraft training on a daily basis. An ongoing collaboration with Airbus on VR procedure training for pilots enables the reduction of precious simulator and instructor resources while providing the opportunity to repeat lessons up to the trainee’s demand. Further use cases are presently under evaluation. At the same time, the technology lacks visibility and demands for simplified access. Today’s XR training is bound to stationary hubs in LAT’s training centers as a novel generation of capable, portable headsets paves the way for remote and flexible training solutions.

The XR.BUZZ mobility concept

The XR.BUZZ mobility concept offers a new, tangible approach for delivering and accessing XR technology. Utilizing the next generation of mobile XR headsets such as the Meta Quest 3 and the Apple Vision Pro, this concept enables remote and scalable digital training solutions. The fully electric platform based on the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ is powered by 100% green energy. Onboard power outlets enable location-independent deployment, offering multiple hours of endurance. The cargo bay accommodates up to 20 headsets as well accessories, serving one standard classroom cohort.

Being a digital ambassador, the XR.BUZZ inverts the usual product relationship:the cockpit and crew staff no longer needs to come to the training center, instead XR.BUZZ delivers the product directly to them. Aiming for displays, demos or even for short-term training demand at the airline’s locations, this eye catcher will play a vital role in the digital transformation and change management process of aviation training. It will therefore also help attracting the next generation of Lufthansa Group employees.