In this series, we present the Innovation Runway ecosystem, how employees can actively shape the future of the Lufthansa Group and present innovations from across the Group.

Episode #5: FlightSearch App with Toan Le

June 2024 (12:10 Min.)

In the 5th Innovation Podcast, we invited Toan Le, Team Lead Development at Austrian Airlines & Founder of FlightSearch, who won the "Best Digital Innovation" category at the Lufthansa Group Innovation Awards in November 2023. FlightSearch is a revolutionary app designed to simplify standby travel for airline industry staff and their families. This user-friendly app provides real-time updates and turns the uncertainty of seat availability and last-minute changes into an organized and predictable process.

Episode #4: Austrian Travel Assistant with Christa Rosendaal & Viktor Rinke

May 2024 (10:19 Min.)

In the 4th Innovation Podcast, we invited Christa Rosendaal & Viktor Rinke, Operations Duty Manager & Team leads of Passenger Service Agents at Austrian Airlines at Vienna airport, from the "Austrian Travel Assistant" team, who won the "Dare to Try" category at the Lufthansa Group Innovation Awards in November 2023 with their colleagues. After a turbulent summer in 2022, they decided to make a change at Hub Vienna that would benefit all: our staff, our customers and our company. As a result, the Austrian Travel Assistant (ATA) concept was born to overcome staff shortage in our peak season and was implemented within an extremely short period of time. The ATA team consists of young, motivated people who support our employees and help our customers, e.g. at self-check-in and at the gate, when assisting passengers with short transfer times and when accompanying minors.

Episode #3: Baggage Alerting Tool with Maximilian Hoffmann

February 2024 (11:01 Min.)

In the 3rd Innovation Podcast, we invited Maximilian Hoffmann, Senior Manager Ops Performance at the Lufthansa Group, from the "Baggage Alerting Tool" team, who won the "Best Tangible Innovation" category at the Lufthansa Group Innovation Awards in November 2023 with his colleagues. The tool triggers an automatic real-time notification after the aircraft has departed, informing the arriving ground station of the number of standard baggage items and the number of urgent baggage items on board. This allows the stations to plan the necessary resources for baggage handling on the ground before the flight arrives, which ultimately benefits our customers.

Episode #2: Open Lab Network with Christian Haude

January 2024  (11:43 Min.)

The Innovation Runway Podcast is back with episode 2 with Chistian Haude, Data Strategy Manager & Open Lab Founder, Lufthansa Group. We discuss how the Open Lab Network (OLN) came to be, and deep dive into how the OLN bridges the gap between good ideas and implementable innovation projects.

Episode #1: Open Lab Network with Xavier Lagardere

November 2023 (13:34 Min.)

In our 1st episode, Xavier Lagardere, Chief Data Officer & VP Innovation from Lufthansa Group, talks about the entire Innovation Runway ecosystem and explains our modular concept from the submission of an idea on our CreateOurFuture idea platform, to funding through the Innovation Growth Fund and the prototype phase with the support of the Open Lab Network​​​​​​​.