In today’s aviation landscape, purchasing ancillaries is a cumbersome process for indirect customers, resulting in significant revenue loss. Modifly addresses this challenge with a post-booking ancillary platform, seamlessly integrating into the traveler’s journey. This allows passengers to book airline services under their tour operator’s branding, eliminating technological gaps and unlocking additional sales opportunities.

The success of Modifly’s pilot program is evident, exceeding seat reservation goals and gaining support from leading European tour operators. Operational in several Lufthansa Group Airlines, including Eurowings Discover, Brussels, and Sustrian, and with plans to extend to SWISS and Edelweiss Air, Modifly is proving its practical viability. Born from collaboration with Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Eurowings Discover, and the Lufthansa Group Ancillary Strategy Team, Modifly is not just a solution but a strategic move toward reshaping the future of air travel.