Developed by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, in close collaboration with the Lufthansa Group Operational Performance Management team, Cosmos is an advanced digital platform that revolutionises how airlines and service providers interact and manage their operations, to improve efficiency, service quality and customer experiences.

For the Lufthansa Group, the vast network of more than 300 destinations and over 1,000 service providers is a complex matrix to manage. Insight into the problems service providers encounter is crucial to improve turnaround operations. In the past, fragmented systems led to communication barriers and little transparency about the reasons of low performance. Contractual penalty payments as the only lever to steer service providers resulted in a lack of trust and finger-pointing when things go wrong. Cosmos steps in by providing an innovative solution to empower a trusted, collaborative, and data-based relationship between Lufthansa Group and their service providers. Cosmos is a shared platform, where both parties have access to performance-dashboards a single source of truth and  basis for discussion. Incidents, such as delayed flights are collected on the platform, where Cosmos encourages the service provider to leave comments to shed more light on the problems, while airline managers can respond in real-time. Cosmos encourages and documents this interaction, enriches it with real-time flight information and leverages advanced machine-learning capabilities to uncover patterns and details that were previously inaccessible.

  • Real-Time Interaction: Immediate post-flight communication enhances transparency and operational understanding, drastically shifting away from end-of-month reviews.
  • Predictive Analytics: Cosmos uses data-driven insights to generate predictions, trends, and recommendations for service providers to improve their performance.
  • Incentivization and Improvement: The platform highlights areas of excellent performance as well as opportunities for investment, allowing airlines to reinvest in improving service provider operations.

Success Story Cosmos has successfully convinced the jury of the Lufthansa Group Innovation Growth Fund, a format that supports and propels innovative ideas within the Lufthansa Group. A pilot phase has been launched at Cologne-Bonn Airport and Cosmos was already able to elevate collaboration at the station. Further stations are being onboarded and functionalities are expanded.

Future Vision

As Cosmos continues to evolve, the aim is not just to enhance individual operations, but to synergise an entire network, eliminating inefficiencies and fostering transparency. This is the groundbreaking change Cosmos is driving – a shift towards a more interconnected, efficient, and insightful aviation industry.