Lufthansa Technik uses new immersive technologies such as the Metaverse to create new opportunities that impact their daily work.

Here is an overview of some Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality tests:


  • AR & VR-based collaboration in cabin outfitting process (Special Aircraft Services)


  • AR-based work instructions on engines to get an x-ray view into the engine components

Technical proof of concept

Technical proof of concepts to test the reliability and performance for use in shopfloor or aircraft environments with various AR technologies:

  • Tracking technologies based on image, object or environment
  • Digital Spatial Workplace in aircraft (e.g. for cable wire installation) instead of using paper based documentation

XR Training on MRO

XR demonstrators for training mechanics for maintenance, repair & overhaul topics in cooperation with Lufthansa Technical Training:

  • AR Cockpit procedure training
  • VR Engine Component localization & identification training
  • VR engine endoscopy training where all engine surface areas can be viewed at a 360 degree angle

      VR App

      • VR App for recruiting events to showcase several workplace environments at Lufthansa Technik to applicants

      VR Showroom Apps

      • VR Showroom Apps for Lufthansa Technik marketing & event purposes to present the aircraft cabin designs and engine related products

      Artificial intelligence

      • VR-based visualization of machine language model related data

      Here in a nutshell some learnings:

      • VR based training content to be used for familiarization and visualization before working with the physical components
      • AR still has too many technical restrictions for use in production in a wide range of aviation MRO processes