Materials inspired by flora and fauna are also making their way on board: Lufthansa Technik has developed a material combination based on flax fibers and a biological resin in cooperation with the Swiss company Bcomp, the leading supplier of natural fiber reinforcements for everything from racing cars to spaceships. Flax, known as the original plant for linen fabrics, represents the first "renewable and eco-efficient" fiber for use in aviation as AeroFLAX. Based on the unique combination of ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ flax fiber reinforcements with a bio-based resin system, it can be used to develop components that save up to 20% in weight compared to conventional fiberglass components. Less weight means less kerosene consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

In theory, any part made of glass or carbon fiber can also be made of flax fiber.

Possible applications

  • Sidewall panel

  • Ceiling panel

  • Door frame lining

  • Lavatory shroud

With AeroFLAX, Lufthansa Technik paves the way to a more environmentally friendly aircraft interior.