Every innovation starts with an idea. "Create our Future" is the crowdfunding platform for the ideas of Lufthansa Group colleagues. Our colleagues can submit ideas as well as support ideas of others with virtual budget. 

The "Create our Future" Process:

  • Step 1: Create a Business Challenge: Based on a problem or action area in the organization, a specific challenge is launched to get ideas for finding solutions from the respective target group. Usually, a member of the innovation management team creates such a challenge. 
  • Step 2: Idea Generation & Selection: After the start of the challenge, all challenge participants can conceptualize their ideas and share them on our "Create our Future" Crowdfuning paltform. After submitting the ideas, they can be shared, commented and most importantly sponsored to move to process step 3. The person who submitted the idea acts as the idea owner in the further process and is the direct contact around all questions about the respective idea.
  • Step 3: Conception Phase: If an idea has successfully completed step 2 and has reached a fixed virtual sponsorship amount, it enters the conception phase. The ideas are tested and sharpened in a one-day workshop to prepare them for the next step. During this workshop, the idea is evaluated with regard to its relevance and feasibility together with the idea providers, experts and an innovation manager, and further steps are initiated. The innovation manager acts as workshop moderator.
  • Step 4: Idea Evaluation & Approval: After the conception phase, the idea is presented to the "Innovation Board" in order to obtain a budget for the implementation of the idea. The Innovation Board is the decision-making body with the necessary resources and authority to approve the ideas. This is where executives from various areas of the Group sit, who can also act as supporters and mentors for the ideas as the project progresses. 
  • Step 5: Implementation phase: Subsequently, the ideas receive the necessary budget for implementation. The idea generator implements the project in this phase. With the help of "Create our Future", a project team can be put together, if required. The members of the "Innovation Board" and the Innovation or Challenge Manager can also provide advice and support and also act as a networking factor.
  • Step 6: Payout: After successful implementation, the investors and idea providers are paid out according to the incentive catalog. 
  • Step 7: Demo Day: Once the projects have been successfully implemented, they can be demonstrated to colleagues at an event. Such an event can be, for example, the "Pitch Day".