The FlyingLab offers facility and facilitators to foster innovation, agile working and networking within the Lufthansa Group. The portfolio comprises workshop conceptualization and facilitation, trainings, tools & methods as well as bookable project- and creative-rooms, a mockup of the airline customer journey and UX Design support to develop innovations from initial challenge over ideation to tested prototypes.

In addition, FlyingLab coaches teams and projects, empowers people, drives the creation of a suitable structural environment and promotes networking and collaboration for digital IT innovations and agile activities to make the Lufthansa Group fit for the future.

FlyingLab also hosts the Up & Beyond events – a pre-conference on board of a Lufthansa flight on the way to a physical event (like the APEX).

What is the FlyingLab Factory?

The FlyingLab Factory offers versatile spaces in an industrial look for interaction, innovation and inspiration. It has an open and casual atmosphere and thrives with a hands-on mentality.
​​​​​​​Writable walls, mobile furniture and state-of-the-art technical equipment allow for a flexible work and event environment that can be adapted to specific needs in order to empower collaboration and productivity. Events can take place on-site, hybrid or fully digital with the required technology and equipment provided in the FlyingLab Factory.

What is the Customer Journey within FlyingLab Factory?

The inner circle of the FlyingLab represents the customer journey of aviation customers with the goal to spark inspiration for new ideas & innovation or test prototypes in a realistic environment.
It offers a versatile place to network, sit back to have quick calls or for break-out sessions during workshops.
It also features a mockup of an airplane cabin with real seats of Economy, Premium Eco and Business class.