Support initiatives

The Innovation Growth Fund helps initiatives throughout the Lufthansa Group to get their ideas off the ground. In the style of the well-known German TV format "Die Höhle der Löwen," Lufthansa Group colleagues can pitch for funding with new and innovative ideas and gain access to a network of experts. The innovators describe their idea and submit a fictitious press release highlighting the benefits of the idea. Once invited to pitch, they outline the benefits, effort, timeframe and parameters they need to implement their idea. The jury, which consists of Lufthansa Group decision-makers, meets monthly and makes the decision directly after the pitch. In doing so, the jury takes into account the novelty of the approach, the skills of the team and the alignment with the strategic goals of the Lufthansa Group.

Prototype, learn, iterate and scale

The Innovation Growth Fund gives us the opportunity to test ideas first in the context of a prototype, to learn, to iterate and then to scale them. We look for every opportunity to improve in the area of automation, sustainability or customer service. Compensaid, for example, which is now used as a compensation solution for the Lufthansa Group digital channels, was supported by the Innovation Growth Fund before the pandemic.