Making aviation sustainable is the key challenge for the future of commercial aviation.

With the given passenger & cargo payload and rang), the usage of liquid hydrogen as energy source is the most promising technology as alternative to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

Lufthansa Technik supports the development of hydrogen based aircraft and propulsion systems with their expertise on technical operations and all related infrastructure and processes. They have established a worldwide unique lab environment, based on a real A320 formerly flown by Lufthansa. As 1st step, the lab is equipped with a small liquid hydrogen tank and a fuel cell to serve as research facility for projects within Lufthansa Group, as well as for academic or industrial partners.

Lab Capabilities


Infrastructure & ground processes with hydrogen aircraft

 The A320 HAL is used as research facility to explore and develop all ground processes and referring infrastructure that will be needed to operate these future aircraft types.

Maintenance and safety procedures on hydrogen aircraft

The A320 HAL is used as research facility to gain experience on safety and maintenance procedures, develop processes and train personnel on these future aircraft types.