The AERQ Digital Cabin Lab of Lufthansa Technik & LG Electronics in Hamburg provides the digital touch-points and back-end infrastructure that AERQ envisions to be part of a future digitized aircraft cabin environment.

AERQ's digital platform AERENA can be adapted according to the laboratory user’s needs. Further, Cabin Digital Signage touchpoints are available for experimentation and testing.

AERQ's digital platform AERENA

Lab Capabilities


AERENA System Test Rack

AERENA’s system test rack can be used to demonstrate and test new UI‘s and applications for potential deployment to the Aircraft Lab.

AERENA Ground Infrastructure

AERENA Ground Infrastructure accessible via Web-Interface, for remote testing of own on-board UI, media and applications. The entire cabin experience created by the on-board touchpoints can be changed and previewed according to the user’s preferences.



    Various AERENA Cabin Digital Signage (CDS) touchpoints are available such as a transparent class divider, welcome board, virtual ceiling and window. Standard content can be played on those, but they can be changed to show individual content. Cabin Digital Signage Studio is a software available for spontaneous on-site deployment of content to the CDS touchpoints.

    Use cases

    • A new GUI concept for the In-Seat system shall be tested on-ground before aircraft deployment. 
    • A new UI concept for the Inseat System shall be tested virtually.
    • The touchpoint’s content can be altered to investigate the visual impression of preferred content in a digitized environment.
    • CDS Studio can be used to test how visitors react to content changes to create concepts that increase the relevance of what is displayed.