The Lufthansa Technik Research & Development facility @ ZAL (Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung) in Hamburg combines all relevant steps for development and construction of electrical/ electronic system components. It includes a workshop for:

  1. precision machining,
  2. etching of electronic circuit boards,
  3. soldering stations,
  4. multiple measurement capabilities,
  5. 3D-printing and laser-cutting machinery


Lab Capabilities


Prototyping Lab

Lab facility for prototyping including electronic circuit board design and construction, testing & measurement, 3D-printing/ laser cutting for small components.

A320 Cabin Mockup

The mockup with an AFT Galley structure, AFT LAVs (inop.), Cabin compartment including 10 rows E/C seating & standard airliner interior configuration provides a platform for a wide range of cabin-related research and system demonstration purposes.