The AI Aviation Lab of ZeroG is here to answer one question: What if we could reimagine aviation through the power of data and machine learning? We empower customers to generate value from data, by identifying opportunities, assessing data, and creating solutions. Our 80 experts in Frankfurt combine aviation knowledge with state-of-the-art expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and data engineering.​

We utilize the power of data and artificial intelligence to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data such as data tables, images, videos, texts, documents, and up to solving complex optimization problems. For example, we are gaining situational awareness for turn around processes from video images, personalization the complete travel journey of our passengers through recommendations, and are analyzing crew feedback using natural language processing.


Lab Capabilities


Computer Vision

Expertise to extract knowledge from images and videos based on machine-learning models using self-trained models, off-the-shelf models, and/or fine-tuned models.

Natural Language Processing & Understanding​​​​​​​

Expertise to extract knowledge from written texts, feedbacks, tweets, chats based on machine-learning models, such as large language models, (Chat)GPT, BERT, or self-trained tailored models.

Machine Learning, Forecasts, and Personalization

Expertise to derive insights and predictions from classical tabular data, e.g., to drive personalized recommendations for passengers or forecasting future demand.

Use case

Detect hand luggage using computer vision

The first open lab use case successfully demonstrated the power of experimentation and the effectiveness of cross-company collaboration within the Lufthansa Group.

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