The CUTE Lab of Lufthansa Systems in Raunheim (near Frankfurt) provides a system landscape that is unique in the world. CUTE stands for Common Use Terminal Equipment. The lab makes it possible to recreate all technical constellations in Lufthansa's passenger handling worldwide and thus to precisely analyze any problems. The team in the CUTE Lab can identify disruptions in passenger handling at an early stage and ensure that they are remedied remotely.

Video: July 2022

Lab Capabilities


DCS applications on real IT equipment

You have the ability to check your applications on a real live CUTE environment for all major CUTE providers including WAN connection, the CUTE workstations and the CUTE devices.

Precertification ​​​​​​​of applications used

In order to run the services for all Lufthansa Group Airlines on a guaranteed service level, each change must be tested and certified. Initially for the cFront platform and also for the CUTE provider used.

CUTE provider systems

Availability of various provider platforms like Amadeus, SITA, RESA, Collins, etc.


IATA Compliance Testing Entity (CTE)

With our development center and experienced, well-trained Lab team we support manufacturers and airports to fulfill the IATA specs for the correct implementation of their products.


Self Boarding Devices

Standard & biometric Self Boarding Gates can be used for process optimization.

Use case

Detect hand luggage using computer vision

The first open lab use case successfully demonstrated the power of experimentation and the effectiveness of cross-company collaboration within the Lufthansa Group.

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