The main idea of the Lab Gate at Frankfurt airport, which can be considered as an innovative testing environment with laboratory character, is to rapidly try various use cases for a limited time period.

The overall goal is to enhance the customer experience by increasing the quality of stay as well as the customer satisfaction. Furthermore, passengers are incentivized to shop in the surrounding stores and to better use their dwell time.

Finally, all tested use cases pursue the goal to gain insights into user behavior through data collection and to receive customer feedback on new experiences, services and products.


Lab Capabilities


LiDAR Sensors

LiDAR = (Light imaging, Detection and Ranging) is a method similar to the radar technology. This is a method for determining ranges by targeting an object or a surface with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver. 


50 sqm Gate Area

Fully equipped (electronical infrastructure, light, internet) promotion booth (modular aluminum system) with 5 TV Screens (65”), 5 Dell mini-PCs (OptiPlex 3090), replaceable and customizable textile or plate covering walls at Gate B43 in Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport.