The Digital Experience Lab of Lufthansa Industry Solutions  in Norderstedt (near Hamburg) and partly also in Raunheim (near Frankfurt) is the place to develop, try out and test new products and online services to drive the digitalization of companies and provides a large variety of capabilities around digital technologies and room for experimentation to generate future value.

Lab Capabilities


    Artificial Intelligence

    Wide-ranging portfolio of re-usable use cases with AI technologies incl. computer vision, audio analytics and natural language processing; many of them are made available “as a Service” for being used with minimal up-front invest in labs

    Data Analytics

    Data analytics methods & tools to glean insights from large volumes of data, support to combine domain knowledge with an analytical approach specifically tailored to each data set; analytics is supported with ready-to-use infrastructure and lab staff

    Mobile App Development

    Development of mobile applications for all established platforms

    Internet of Things Sensors, Localization & Platforms

    Full-range of IoT hard- and software technologies.  Connect all participants in the value-creation process with one another, equipment with sensors of all types, utilize information about location / condition / usage to generate visibility, insights and automate and streamline processes

    Robot Process Automation

    Implementation of RPA with leading software technology platforms. RPA is mostly based on the use of programmable software robots, so-called "bots“. Support for process design and overall automation needs & benefits by lab staff

    Quantum Computing

    Research with focus on developing and applying business cases, e. g. together with Quantum Technology & Application Consortium (QUTAC). Lab experts can deliver insights, assessments and prototype implementations (QCs and simulations) 


      The Lab’s expertise is in the field of information security, and it offers IT security services – from analysis of security requirements to security concept development; the lab can carry out automated Pentests and advice on security measures

      No/low Code Development

      Consulting, support and training for leading no/low code platforms for technically skilled business experts -- so-called “citizen developer” -- who create software-based applications for their respective business departments

      Greening of IT

      Cost and resource optimized software development of cloud applications, to support a pro-active approach to sustainability from an IT-perspective; lab staff educates, teaches and assesses resource consumption of IT systems

      5G Campus

      The lab provides a private 5G campus network, support for use case definition, technology fit analysis, supplier evaluation, network preparation to campus rollout

      Industry & Logistics 4.0

      The lab offers insights and re-usable components from various implemented use cases for smart & fast analysis of supply chain and associated IT processes “out of the box”, focus is on supply chain intelligence and logistics

      Augmented reality (AR)

      Out-of-the box “Digital assistant system”  (DIA) as for fast & easy configuration of use cases for augmented reality SaaS-solution


      Various topics and business cases [e.g. doc. mgmt., asset tracking and major blockchain technologies (inc. smart contracts, Ethereum & Hyper ledger)], support from consulting, prototyping/development to deployments


      UX/UI Design

      UX-design with detailed user research through human-centered design, UI-design of user interface layout & ergonomics and navigational structure 

      Use case

      Detect hand luggage using computer vision

      The first open lab use case successfully demonstrated the power of experimentation and the effectiveness of cross-company collaboration within the Lufthansa Group.

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      Use case

      World’s first paper-thin label tracker from SODAQ - Smart Label

      The Label Tracker has been carefully designed, thoroughly tested and is ready for productive

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      Use case

      Smart Waste as a Digital Signpost Towards More Efficiency and Sustainability

      In the waste disposal industry, Smart Waste is a groundbreaking solution that allows for coping with challenges such as increasing or highly fluctuating waste volumes, personnel shortages and bottlenecks due to social crises.

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      Use case

      Visitor flow measurement & control

      Lufthansa Industry Solution's digital solutions for visitor flow management Challenges

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