With its industrial look, the Lufthansa Systems FlyingLab in Raunheim (near Frankfurt) offers an open and casual atmosphere to generate ideas for new products and services within creativity workshops, which can also be prototyped and tested.

Creativity, design thinking and sprint workshops as well as development projects are to be carried out in these spaces. The entire innovation process - from inspiration to idea generation in the form of the “Passenger Experience Journey," idea validation and project implementation - is to take place here.


FlyingLab Factory

Lab Capabilities


Innovation Cycle

The “Outer Cycle” of FlyingLab represents the Innovation Cycle including a big Event Area, Creative Rooms as well as project rooms.

Customer Journey

The “Inner Cycle” of FlyingLab displays the Customer Journey and supports the ideas, which are generated in creativity and design thinking workshops and consists of different sections of customer journey in regards of travel. 

Event Kitchen

Cooking together and eating the food serves a quick and efficient team building. An appropriately equipped kitchen in the collaboration and event area is used for this purpose. No other events will take place in the event space during its use as an event kitchen.

Webcast Studio

The multimedia studio in the FlyingLab can be rented for audio and video projects. We offer support with state-of-the-art equipment in an intriguing environment.