The CoCreation Hub community collects customer opinions, but the guest does not not know whether and which of his ideas are implemented in the end. In order to put itself in the guest's shoes, the Lufthansa Group wants to be in continuous exchange with its guests and have a dialogue at eye level.

The community consists of 3,000 customers of the Lufthansa Group passengers with different travel behaviour and experiences from other airlines and industries.

If you would like to join this community and give the Lufthansa Group feedback on its products and services, please register here:


Lab Capabilities


Focus groups

Discussing a specific topic with a group of customers to gain different perspectives and ideas for the product and service development.



Possibility of ad-hoc surveys available to all customer groups or filtered to specific customer segments.


Deep dives into the customer's opinions by an interactive exchange – useful to gather individual and direct feedback on customer needs.


Using the community to brainstorm and crowdsource new ideas.


Inviting the customers to virtual or on-site workshops to jointly shape the future products and services.