The Start-up Lab‘s goal is to act as the main access to start-up collaborations for Lufthansa Group to benefit.

The Start-up Lab, in collaboration with Plug and Play, has the goal of enabling Lufthansa Group to harness the full potential of partnering with start-ups. Nestled within the vibrant setting of AirportCity Space at Vienna Airport, this initiative takes advantage of Plug and Play's extensive resources and expertise in fostering innovation.

The innovation platform empowers the Start-up Lab to meticulously scout and evaluate start-ups that closely align with Lufthansa Group's specific use cases and strategic objectives. By tapping into it's extensive ecosystem spanning 20+ industries in 50+ geographies, the Start-up Lab ensures that Lufthansa Group gains access to a diverse pool of cutting-edge startups from across the world.


Lab Capabilities



Dealflows connect corporates with tech companies according to their provided interests & use cases. Pitching their product ideas as business solutions, tech start-ups aim to pique the interest  of corporate teams who are eager to innovate. 

Dealflows are typically grouped into half-day long sessions. Each session confronts industry challenges, business models, and product solutions with the end goals of a pilot or Proof-of-Concept (PoC) opportunity, an investment, or an acquisition.

Trend Reports

Concise documents that offer useful insights into a specific area of technology of interest. These reports are created by Venture experts at Plug and Play and currently help corporate clients from 20+ industries discover technology waves impacting their businesses and startups to collaborate with.

Corporate Venture Capital

Venture Capital  and Corporate Venture Capital activities require considerable resources and efforts in order to generate strong ROIs for the capital-deploying party. Curating a unique international network with powerful ties to industry-specific ecosystems is a crucial first step in identifying high-potential deals. This effort  requires an experienced investment team with a proven track record of bringing deals over the  finish line. Plug and Play is one of the most active Venture Capital Funds in Silicon Valley, deploying a skilled Ventures team of over 200 associates within the largest corporate network, globally.

Expo Day

An Expo Day happens at the end of a Plug and Play Batch where all the batch start-ups present on the stage to a broader audience. It is the day when pilots, PoCs, and meaningful start-up collaborations are showcased. In Vienna, Plug and Play holds this event format around two industries: Travel and Smart Cities, gathering together all the platforms’ corporate partners.

Open Innovation Services

Every organization is unique and approaches innovation in a different way and at a different  maturity stage. Plug and Play has a track record of supporting corporate partners across the entire, end-to-end innovation journey. From assessing innovation readiness and building capabilities within corporate setups to onboarding startups, tracking PoCs, or investing in new ventures.