The SWISS Geneva Lab is designed to test, launch, and implement Lufthansa Group projects, with a primary focus on the commercial area. 

For several years, the Geneva Lab has exploited the specificity of its market, network and infrastructure to test and launch new project, services or offers. Its team structure, working method and partners network enable fast implementation while optimizing resources and lowering process complexity. With a strong affinity for new technologies, the Geneva Lab aims to identify and test tools that bring added value to certain tasks or projects. 


Lab Capabilities


Enhancing Customer Experience

Explore new trends to create tailored-made products and services in order to enhance airport and on-air customer experience.


Driving Destination Marketing

Promote specific routes according to specific needs:

  • Analysis of route performance within a specific market 
  • Definition of commercial actions based on analysis results and identification of the right internal and external partner
  • Planning and implementation according to goals, budgets and resources

Leveraging data and personalization

Use the power of data to segment and personalize marketing customer communication based on previous behavior or affinity.

Developing Mobility Offers

Improve customer journey to and from airports with mobility offer tailored-made for specific audiences in collaboration with local transportation partners


Exploring Large Language Model in Retail

Using Large Language Model’s (LLM's) to generate content-based material for commercial and marketing usage. This includes content creation, product description, customer support, personalization and automation, creative campaigns, etc.