(Senior) Data Engineer (m/f/diverse) @ AVIATAR (several locations)

What does your next dream challenge look like? How about working with aircraft data on a state of the art, cloud native technology stack, powering predictive maintenance analytics?



Lufthansa Technik AG



Engineering, IT
Entry level
Direct entry

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We’re looking for someone to join our team of data engineers, developing new data and analytics pipelines and scaling the existing ones for a growing number of customers and use cases. 

  • We’re using technologies like Python, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker & Pub/Sub to run event-based analytics pipelines, processing new data points every day on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • We have developed an ML Ops stack allowing us to seamlessly deploy our models into a production environment.
  • We’re rolling out new features through fully automated CI/CD pipelines including code reviews & automated tests.
  • We take responsibility for the full DevOps cycle, but thanks to managed cloud services & automation, we spend most of our time working on new features & architecture optimisations, rather than responding to ops issues.

If this sounds like the setup you were looking for, become part of our industry-leading data science team and get involved in solving real world problems with top-notch models!